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What is Network Operations Center (NOC)?


Nov 10, 2021

What is NOC engineer?

The Network Operations Center (NOC) engineers are scanning large computer networks and central servers for problems. They diagnose problems, fix and respond to system events, communicate with site staff and follow up problems until they are fixed.


The job market for NOC engineers is robust as the communications and information technology sector continues to grow and become confusing. While the service provider predicts a 12 percent increase in the number of employees by 2024 for all professionals in computer support, including NOC engineers.

What do Network Operations Center (NOC) engineers do?

The Network Operations Center (NOC) engineers are responsible for providing engineering assistance for internet connection problems and act as a liaison for service providers as well as other IT (IT) professionals in your company. They are responsible for fixing and preventing data interruptions by using wired and wireless system connection devices. In addition, they interact with customer service and site experts to provide quick solutions to problems.

NOC engineers detect the circuit and monitor the device voltage over time. They organize and establish network infrastructure as needed and actively carry out development work for efficient system support. Another role of NOC engineers is to monitor network infrastructure such as boats, boats and switchboards. They also serve as a basis for data communication professionals. NOC engineers often report their progress to their chief of staff or department head.

These professionals need strong interpersonal skills to deal with clients’ complaints, as they often mediate on issues raised by other NOC experts. In other words they need to work well on their own and as a group.

The job requires a bachelor’s degree in network management, computer science, systems engineering or a related major. They must have professional experience in system maintenance, design and other troubleshooting. Certainly they must have advanced processing capabilities that will be used to match the product to computer parts. In addition, previous experience in network management and standardization is desirable, as well as other company certifications.

To be successful as a NOC engineer, you must demonstrate network and equipment mobility, advanced troubleshooting capabilities, and the ability to work flexible times. A qualified NOC engineer will be able to diagnose and solve network problems without causing damage to your IT system in the long run.

Network Operations Center (NOC) engineering Tasks:

  • Monitor and manage overall networks and related software, including ticket sales.
  • Work with other departments, contractors and staff to make the network work.
  • Find, plan and respond to online problems.
  • Manage change, promotion, especially promotion and integration.


As can be seen their main objective is to perform a number of tasks for NOC engineers to diagnose and solve computer and network problems in communication systems. We have reviewed some worksheets to determine the roles and responsibilities of the NOC engineer.

Monitoring system:

NOC engineers use a variety of tools to monitor the performance and power of computer systems. They require hardware, software, and environmental warnings or errors. Although when a problem is diagnosed, NOC engineers work to determine the cause of the problem.


If the dispute affects the IT service, then the NOC engineer will work to diagnose or resolve the dispute, if possible. NOCs usually have a standard system that NOC engineers follow. This may include reaching out to third-party vendors, customer contacts, especially other IT teams.

Track all issues:

In responding to the event, the NOC engineer should carefully review and record all problems and solutions in detail. This expands the NOC knowledge base and records the status of the system. In fact NOC usually has a ticket system that the NOC engineer is responsible for updating.

Report issues:

If the problems are large or complex to solve quickly, NOC engineers should extend the case to management, other IT infrastructure, or others to help find a solution. NOC engineers maintain ongoing communication within and outside the team so that all stakeholders are aware of key issues and actions.

NOC Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Transfer and management of information technology systems.
  • Ensures safe installation of hardware and cable systems.
  • Evaluation of the performance and capabilities of computer systems.
  • Check your network equipment and software regularly.
  • Network responses and hardware failures.
  • Online analysis and analysis.
  • Accompanies and records network activity and event announcements.
  • Respond to user requests and provide online training.
  • Manage system backup and network security standards.
  • What NOC engineers require:
  • Undergraduate studies in computer science, computer science or similar subjects.
  • Extensive experience as a NOC engineer.
  • Experience in transporting, managing and troubleshooting network equipment.
  • Beautiful technology to solve problems.
  • Possibility to work flexible working hours.
  • Good writing and communication skills.
  • Advanced project management knowledge.
  • Can work effectively under stress.


  • Experience managing, setting up and setting up a network
  • It is difficult to diagnose server or network status, applications or problems
  • Understanding of common office rules
  • Time management and organizational skills, as well as managing many tasks and tasks with minimal supervision
  • Knowledge of project management methods and processes
  • Good communication and writing skills and the ability to interact in a constructive way with others
  • Experience in disaster relief programs and related technologies
  • Ability to work flexible hours


An engineer with less than 1 year of experience in the initial start-up of the Network Operations Center (NOC) can expect a total salary of INR 215,072 (including advice, money, and working hours) based on 28 months’ salary. Operations Centre (NOC) with 1-4 years of work experience earns an average of £ 303,892 in total salary, compared to 205 dollars. With this in mind an engineer at the Operations Centre (NOC) with 5-9 years of experience earns an average of $ 469,370 with a salary of 51. While an engineer with network experience Operations Centre (NOC) with 10 to 19 years of experience earns an average of £ 550,000 in total salary based on 7 months ’salary.