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The Best Trending Courses Students Need To Know in 2021


Dec 29, 2021


Education has taken a turning point amidst the aftermath of Covid-19. Students are now making new career choices in new courses. Even new modules of courses and programs are being designed so that institutions can provide smart learning. 

One of the recent announcements took place, where TAL Education Group and UNESCO cooperated to focus on a global online learning system to respond to the emerging crisis in using IT and AI Technologies.

In fact in one of the books “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”, author Yuval Noah Harari Century, outlines how schools continue to put focus on traditional learning methods and rote learning.

He also portrays how schools are stuck to earlier modules than applying skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and adaptability. 

It is evident by now that the system of learning is changing. Students need to be efficient both in theoretical and applied modes of learning. But, which courses will help to do both? When you plan for higher studies, you need to have a proper outlook as to which courses will help you to build a successful professional career.

So that you don’t sit ideal and confused thinking which career fits you, let’s help you dive into some smart learning programs which will help you choose a better career in 2021 itself.

Some of the best online programs that you can avail yourself in no time –

Graphic Designing Course – If you love drawing random patterns or can do anything creative out of scratch, Graphic Designing suits you perfectly!


You can make an outstanding career if you feel excited looking at blank papers and colour pens. Graphic design gives you the opportunity to portray your artwork through digital tools.


Your work will get promoted to fields like the film industry, marketing, welfare, government sectors and many more. In fact, designing is a demanded skill in the Advertisement sector and many other fields for content generation on websites.


You can get access to free courses like – Graphic Design from the University of Colorado,  Canva Design School,   Massachusetts Institute of Technology which provides professional tutorials to upgrade your skill.


Data Analysis – Studying data analysis programs will give the opportunity which conventional business intelligence programs cannot do. You can get hired by companies to make informed business decisions through analysing transaction data and other forms of data.


Courses like Intro to Data Analysis (Udacity), Lean Analytics Workshop – Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz (Udemy), Data Science Courses (Alison)  will provide you with you a proper idea about the subject and direct you to professional guidelines.


Social Media Marketing – Though social media creates a distraction, what if this field can make you a career. Almost every field of work is extending its digital portal through social media accounts in the form of business pages, vlogs and live sessions. 


Get your access to portals like HubSpot to explore a varied range of Courses for Social Media Marketing. The best part is you are offered certificates of completion, so can attach them when building your resume.


Social Media is now one of the huge areas for marketing and promoting services and products. So get your hands on these courses, and master the skill of managing social media.


Programming Language – Computer is now a part and parcel of life. Thus, the opportunities in this field is never ending. If languages like C++, Python, JavaScript intrigues you, the courses offering programming languages will make the best out of you.


Companies are hiring young professionals every day to upgrade new software and technology into their systems. Even you can be a part of some of the big it cells.


So grab your seat and utilise your free time to pursue some of the best free online courses available at  Bit DegreeCode academyCoursera


Learning Foreign Languages – Learning a foreign language can add brownie points to your CV. It will help you improve your vocabulary and interacting skills. Check on the online courses that offer any foreign language of your choice.


Hence, enrol yourself on your favourite foreign language courses soon. Learning a foreign language can also help you to bag the job of a translator and also a great communicator. 


Additional to this, you can also train yourself from essay help in tutoring foreign languages from a theoretical perspective.

Some online courses to enhance your skills effectively in 2021 are-

Digital Marketing Course – One of the trending skills is knowing about digital marketing courses. Use your analysing skills in the field of marketing. Learn some of the free courses available that offer immediate resources with a valid certification.


Blogging – For some blogging is writing journals, but in real blogs impact content marketing. Enhance creative writing skills from professional courses, which are most in trend. Blogging can provide you with the opportunity as a content writer and earn while working from home.


Video Editing – Sounds easy, but video editing has an immense impact in the creative field. If you love editing video clips and exploring through different apps, now it is time to do something bigger. Learn professional techniques to use software like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects etc.


Communication skills – Even if you did not think about it, communicating is the real deal. You need to be confident about conveying your work and more significantly yourself. Train in some of the master courses of Public Speaking, Corporate Communication etc.


Skill is an important element to present your value. More significantly, if you are technically efficient, you can get better opportunities. So without wasting time, grab the opportunities available online and learn the important courses to build a smart career.