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What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Air Conditioning System?


Nov 26, 2021


Inadequately maintaining your Air Conditioning can lead to many unexpected issues that can be costly to address. Regular maintenance isn’t just an inspection that informs you whether your system is operating or not;

But an HVAC contractor will wash every part and replace any part that requires it, without being deprived of the cool air you love. Find out about the most common issues that arise when people do not schedule regular maintenance.

Functioning Thermostat

If your thermostat isn’t working properly and you notice that it isn’t turning on or off as it should, thereby increasing your cost of energy and lowering your level of comfort. Along with your satisfaction and non-functioning thermostat can affect the unit’s capacity to function.

Poor Coil Health

Failure to keep your air conditioning can cause your air conditioner to suffer the accumulation of dirt, which stops functioning properly. If your air conditioner’s coils become filthy, your unit will not function as efficiently and the quantity of fresh, clean air produced will diminish.

Parts of Dirty Filter that are dirty

One of the primary reasons for AC units not to function effectively is because the filters are filthy. Employing an air conditioning business located in London to provide regular service ensures that your filter will be changed regularly as well as the dust, allergens and other contaminants will be slowed when they attempt to get into your home.

Blockages in your Condenser

The portion of your air conditioner that condenses helps maintain your temperature cool, and the temperatures you have set. If, however, this component gets blocked, it’ll get hotter and be incapable of releasing the cool air you require to feel at ease. If the issue is not addressed, it may cause burnout and costly repair costs.

Power Issues

A single of the vital components that we provide in our air conditioner services London is to ensure that your unit is switching on and off. Problems with power are a major cause of stress for our customers since they hinder you from operating your unit as you would like to.

Blower Issues

If your air conditioner isn’t well-maintained, it will consume more energy and result in a higher cost and lower reliability. Instead of just waiting until it fails to fix the issue, contact our air conditioning service in dgs Nigeria to set up the annual maintenance.

A/C Maintenance Checklist

If you have home air cooling in London and you want to know what maintenance is required, you should download our checklist for maintenance to make it clear what an engineer for A/C will be doing during a maintenance.

Cleaning Coil

All the dust and dirt that accumulates over the course of time can cause detrimental effects on your air conditioning unit. This is the reason among the initial steps that an engineer takes is to thoroughly clean the unit to ensure they continue to maintain cool.

Checking Drains

It is possible that your drain will get blocked as time passes, and your technician will eliminate any mold or algae that may be present in order for the system to function properly.

Tests and Inspections for Refrigerant

Engineers will ensure that the unit is operating at the correct amount of refrigerant and verifying that there aren’t leaks or signs of leaks to come that will need to be addressed.

Cleansing, Straightening and Fin Cleaning

Each A/U unit is equipped with aluminium fins that can bend easily and can reduce airflow through the system. Each fin is straightened and cleaned to boost the system’s effectiveness.

Airflow Testing

The measurement of airflow can allow the engineer to determine the leaks that require to be closed so that the unit will function at its maximum capacity.

Control and Terminal Control and Terminal

Making sure your control board is operating efficiently and with secure connections will ensure there isn’t a possibility of a breakdown in operation. Check out the best air conditioner in Nigeria at best price online.

Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips


Maintaining your unit’s operating condition is crucial to get the most effective outcomes. By performing your own routine maintenance of your home air conditioner in London, you’ll make your annual maintenance go as smoothly as it can. Use our top four suggestions to keep your A/C unit in good condition.

Change your air filter regularly

If you are using pleated filters, you’ll need to change them each month to ensure that your equipment is in top condition. If you’re unsure of the filters your machine is using and you are unsure, contact our air conditioning service in London to assist you.

Clean Your Coils

Both condenser and evaporator coils are likely to accumulate dirt and grime with time. Instead of waiting for your annual maintenance when it is due, why not ask an engineer to visit and cleanse the coils? This is especially crucial in the event that you’ve noticed your equipment is not producing the same amount of air at the same temperature as normal.

Keep the exterior of your Unit

The growth of plants on the exterior cover of your AC unit can hinder it from obtaining the most efficient airflow, resulting in an impairment in the performance of the unit. Clearing this area of accumulation will improve the efficiency of your unit.

Coil Fins Checking

If your fins are bent, you could observe that the flow of air has diminished. Getting them straightened and cleaned will aid in maximizing the efficiency of your air conditioner.