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15 best educational podcasts you can listen


Dec 19, 2021

Most people thought that podcasts were getting outdated.

But with the rise of YouTube and other social media platforms, podcasts also came into trend. Not only YouTube channels but major TV network channels produce podcasts these days. They are viewed by people of different ages, majorly teenagers.

There are millions of educational podcasts out there.  Let’s discuss the top 15 educational podcasts of all time.


  • Encyclopaedia Womannica

This podcast is Wonder Media Network, and it is a New York-based production house. The host of this podcast is a former reporter of Bloomberg.

The host makes us walk through the contributions and great achievements of women. The name of the show does complete justice to the show as it is based only on women. 

  • Radiolab

This podcast is produced by WNYC radio. The host of this podcast is Jad Abumrad. Each episode is half an hour to one hour. This is based on science and philosophy. This podcast will make you believe that getting assignments help can work for you. You have to watch podcasts even to know about certain things and gain knowledge. 

  • Climate Cast

Climate is an important factor for all living beings. We plant trees, and also we are only responsible for all the pollution. However, pollution does affect the climate too. Paul Huttner from Minnesota Public hosts the podcast.

Both are meteorologists by profession. This podcast mainly focuses on the environment and how humans are affecting it.

  • The Urbanist

There is an all-day radio station named Monocle 24. They produce the podcast called The Urbanist hosted by Andrew Tuck. The podcast discusses landscapes in the city and specific areas. This podcast is ideal for geography students interested in the subway, highway, apartments and skyscrapers. 

  • Revisionist History

The host of this podcast is Malcolm Gladwell. The famous author. The host takes us back and makes us focus on a particular incident.

This podcast is ideal and a treat for students of history. People who like to watch stuff from the past can also watch this. 

This podcast was developed and produced by STVP. STVP stands for Stanford Technology Ventures Program. As you can guess by the name, this podcast focuses on entrepreneurship and new ideas.

This podcast will make you believe that assignment helps to gain marks. You need to have a unique idea to be an entrepreneur. 

  • 1619

The host of this show is MacArthur. The podcasts tried to show the past, present and future of America. And how it is linked with the first ship full of African slaves. This will be ideal for people who would love to know more about history.

  • How to be awesome at your job

This podcast tried to focus on career success. The host of this podcast is Pete Mockaitis. Pete used to discuss new ideas with Carrie specialists. This show is ideal for newbies. 

  • Making gay history

This podcast focuses on LGBTQ rights. The host and founder of this podcast is Eric Marcus. The host used to select videos from the archive and show them to the audience. This show is not only for the LGBTQ community. All kinds of people can watch this show.

  • 99% invisible

Looking at the name, you may think the show is about serial killing. Some may even believe that this show focuses on paranormal activities. But you guys are wrong. This show is based on architecture. The host of the show is Eric Marcus. The American Institute of Architects is also associated with this show. 

  • This American Life

For this one, you may think that this focuses on the rich people of America. Well, no, the host takes us through the life of all kinds of American people. This show focuses on history, psychology and current events. 

  • Discovery – BBC produces this podcast that is ideal for scientifically curious people. 
  • Overheard – The National Geographic channel creates this. The hosts of this podcast are Peter Gwin and Amy Briggs. This show is entirely based on science but was not made only for science students.

Instead, people of all age groups can watch this podcast. This is one of the most hit educational podcasts. Hosts of this podcast also used to discuss war photography and democracy. 

  • Stuff you should know

It is one of the most successful podcasts in the history of TV. This podcast used to focus on science and social issues. 

  • Working

Created by Slate featuring. In this podcast, the host is used to having a conversation with creative people. So, the host used to ask them questions like how they used to manage their work. As a result, the viewers learned how genius people collect work and how they handle failures. 

  • Final thoughts 

The podcasts discussed do not only focus on education. Instead, they focus on life, history, and how genuine can improve the future. This will help you learn a lot of things and apply them accordingly in future.