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JMP vs Minitab: Major Differences You Should Know


Nov 22, 2022

This is normal. for any difficult statistical problem, we need software that can help us assist us in our work. If there are lots of choices available, it is normal to evaluate these. It is important to determine which one has the best performance.

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It’s not simple for novices to choose one among them. In this post “JMP vs Minitab”, we’ll go over the top 10 differentiators among JMP in comparison to Minitab. JMP vs Minitab will give you some idea on which is the most suitable for your needs.

Today, in this post, we’ll look at an in-depth comparison of JMP against Minitab.

JMP Vs Minitab:

Introduction To JMP.

JMP Software is the product of the SAS Institute and it is an excellent computer program to analyze statistics. It was launched in 1989. JMP Software was released by SAS.

In that time, the main motive that is behind JMP launch is to gain advantage of the GUI (graphical user interface) benefit. It was first introduced through Apple’s Macintosh operating system.

It is a fact it is just Mac(apple users) are able to use JMP software to analyze data. After a period of time it was discovered that it was discovered that the JMP software was created by programmers in order to be compatible with users of the Windows operating system.

What Can JMP Do?

JMP can help you solve every day statistical issues, including those that are difficult. Through a variety of sources, it is able to easily access your data, creating quickly precise data preparations and carry out a range of statistical analyses using JMP. It is possible to perform diverse analyses using JMP along with Minitab software. We are sure you’ll be able to understand the difference(JMP Vs. Minitab) much more quickly after learning about the things they can do.

Introduction To Minitab

Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr. Thomas A. Ryan, Jr. Brian L. Joiner at Pennsylvania state university.

Minitab is a statistical program that is reliable and effective for analysis of data. The primary reason behind Minitab development is to assist those who develop six-sigma. Minitab software helps to complete different tasks.

Minitab provides its users with kinds of functions to aid them in entering statistics effectively. Additionally, you can perform manipulation of data, detect patterns as well as trends as well as many other things.

It is a software program that is used extensively or, we could say that nearly for all sizes of business, including medium-sized, small and big ones.

What Can Minitab Do?

Minitab is an analysis program for statistical data and is used to study statistics, as well as to learn about research into statistical methods. Applications for statistical analysis on computers offer the benefit of being exact, trustworthy, and is quicker than graphs and statistics created using a pencil.

JMP Vs Minitab: The Key Differences

Let’s discuss JMP and Minitab (Key distinctions) and, with the aid of these tools, you will be able to quickly pick or select one.

Learning Curve

In the debate “Minitab vs JMP” JMP isn’t an easy choice when in comparison to Minitab.

If you put your time to learn JMP software, you’ll discover it to be more efficient or more useful than Minitab. JMP has almost all of the capabilities of Minitab however it’s not as extensive.

Training programs are offered through JMP itself. Alongside your official certificate, you will be awarded a training certificate.

Additional Information If we contrast JMP with Excel the interface is entirely different. There are numerous students who require assistance with different assignments such as

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However, Minitab is an easy one compared to JMP and also , its interface is similar to that of MS excel. It is simple if you use MS Excel user.

Selecting the best graph can help you in setting the graph up. Also, if we take it against the JMP which isn’t that powerful.

Minitab offers training support in the form of official certification and it is available on their official websites.


JMP is a speedier alternative and with JMP you can perform these tasks in a fraction of the time, which is what you get using Minitab. Minitab.

However, Minitab is not as quick as JMP and takes more time to complete those tasks you can complete quicker with Minitab.


If we look at the price, JMP is an expensive one. It has two variations, JMP and JMP pro. The cost of JMP starts at $1500/unit for a year. The price associated with JMP pro is around $16430. JMP pro is about $16430/unit per year.

However, Minitab is a cheaper version compared to JMP.

The price of Minitab Minitab ranges from $1610 to $2754 depending on the different options that are available. The new license users will pay around $895 while the price for the Minitab for existing users is approximately $895 per year.


JMP client support is exceptional and users can also avail assistance from the user community. Within the user community, you can ask questions and concerns with fellow users of JMP.

It also provides an information base in which you can locate the various types of documents, including notes on the installation, sample notes, the installation and usage notes.

For users, JMP also offers well technical assistance. The staff who provide support are engineers and statisticians. They are educated in statistics as well as other technical disciplines. Thus, to tackle any kind of complicated problem they can solve it.