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Types of Earring Fastenings


Nov 13, 2021

Different kinds of fastenings

In this article, we presented the essential kinds of earring fastenings you’ll go over regularly. All Saachi earrings are planned and made with these seven kinds. Nonetheless, there are likewise different sorts of fastenings, obviously, however they are utilized infrequently. Clasp on earrings and screw backs are worth focusing on, as they permit ladies with non-pierced ears to wear earrings. A French back conclusion is like clasp on earrings, however it is utilized for pierced ear flaps.

earringsIf you purchase earrings, one of the significant elements affecting your decision may be their sort of fastenings. Certain individuals incline toward wellbeing and strength, while others consider appearance the main element. Each kind of earring and earring fastenings has its brand name attributes. To have the option to think about all choices, we have arranged an unmistakable outline.

Now and again, the sort of affixing straightforwardly relies upon the earring plan; in different cases, you can pick what securing you need from a few kinds. Drop earrings are typically fitted with switch backs or hook backs. For youngsters, we have items with both front fastenings and screws.

Each gem is planned and fabricated as it were so it tends to be worn as easily as could really be expected and still fit well. Notwithstanding, we will be glad to oblige your desires. If you have a necessity for the adjustment of your chosen earrings (most usually, we are approached to trade screws for pushes- – which is free!), kindly compose your solicitation in the remark of your request or reach us. Trading fastenings requires roughly several weeks.


With stud earrings, the push affixing is generally normal. A smooth post is pushed through the ear, and a push backing is then put on it from the rear of the ear. It tends to be additionally gotten by a silicone tip. We suggest this kind of attachment assuming you frequently take your earrings off on the grounds that it is the quickest sort of securing to deal with. 

Suggestion: When it comes to pearl studs, we don’t suggest taking the earrings off by pulling the pearl, as it could turn out to be free over the long run.


Lock Back

A lock back is likewise regularly called Russian, Greek, or French patent. This securing is like the women’s patent. Be that as it may, the entire piece of the earring fastenings is concealed inside the ear or on the posterior. The lock back is an incredible choice for earrings where noticeable fastenings would be less positive.

Proposal: We don’t suggest utilizing a lot of solidarity for opening this sort of earring. An appropriately set affixing is exceptionally simple to open yet will not open all alone. You can ensure it by opening and shutting the earring a couple of times prior to placing it in your ear. Also, with more practice, you can securely take it off without looking.

Afro Hook – French/Fish Snare

An afro hook is a typical sort of attachment where a snare is fitted to the earrings and is effortlessly pushed through a pierced ear. This attaching may likewise be gotten by a silicone tip, which fills in as an insurance against arbitrary falling and possible misfortune. It is exceptionally well known on account of its straightforwardness and moderate structure.

Proposal: We suggest utilizing an afro hook in the event that you frequently take your earrings off and don’t, for instance, wear them for sports.

Front Affixing – Brizura

Brisure, or the front affixing for youngsters, is especially utilized with earrings for little women, from children to young ladies. Notwithstanding, it might likewise be utilized for grown-up women’s earrings on account of its different sizes, as it is appropriate for more modest and subtler ear cartilage. As recommended, it is shut in the front by sliding a guide into a circle. In case you’re picking earrings for little kids, we most certainly suggest this sort of affixing.

Proposal: Handling this kind of affixing is a touch more troublesome, and it requires a specific ability and caution. When treated inappropriately, the snare could be harmed effectively. It must be gotten back to its unique shape before you can utilize it for affixing once more.

Loop Earring Fastenings

With this sort of affixing, the tightened side of the earring is put through the ear opening and embedded into the contrary cylinder. For this situation, earrings must be shut cautiously all together not to cause harm by extending them to an extreme. If you don’t watch out, the pre-owned wire can once in a while snap in the contrary fork-molded piece of the earring.

If circle earrings consist of two sections. The wire on the forward portion is put through the ear and the back part is shut. Along these lines, the wire snaps into the plate of the posterior and the earrings are securely affixed. There is just a slight shot at opening the affixing and misfortune.