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12 Ways to Boost Business Profits this Christmas


Dec 23, 2021

Christmas is only a few days away. It means you need to revise your marketing strategy to boost your business profits the sales count this year.

If you are not capitalizing on the opportunity, you may lose big.

UK study, “38% of shoppers shop in October.”

Thus, you need to plan and complete your strategy to capture the attention of the early birds. Although autumn is right around the corner, it is important to have a goal in mind.

Here are a few tips to help you reach the highest Christmas sales:

Increase your sales this Christmas with these tips


  • Give regular customers a discount

Give loyal customers discounts on the items they most often buy. The best way to say Merry Christmas is to offer them deals they can’t refuse.

Gaining new customers costs more than retaining the existing ones. So, if you reach out to your customers once a year with a favourable deal, it might increase your sales and flood up your emails with referrals.

  • Promote gift wrapping customization offer 

Customers purchasing gifts for their loved ones will appreciate the option of personalized gift wrapping. The customer will save both time and money. You can promote gifts both on the product pages and check out pages, making the most of the quick revenue boost. You can personalize the gift wrapping by setting up an image of the person or using it as a default feature for further purchases.

  • Send Personalized Emails 

This practice is beneficial, especially for e-commerce stores. You can send basic information on the customer’s base sales history. You can personalize the email by including his/her name in the greetings and suggest items you think a customer will prefer buying. It will help greet customers in a personalized way and help boost sales as well.

  • Create unique landing pages 

Many businesses err by missing out on creating a separate landing page for the Christmas offer. The landing page has to be campaign-specific and grant it a holiday or Christmas flare and landing pages send across a message that you are offering something different this time.

With each specific landing page, provide a clear picture of the offer. Maximize conversions by adding a single call to action to the landing page. Conduct A/B testing of the landing pages and make the most of car finance bad credit on an instant decision, to ensure you don’t fall short of resources.

Here are some of the important tips for creating a well-engaging and converting landing page:

  • The page must be well-thought in terms of user experience
  • Don’t include too much text
  • Use a suitable call to action
  • Make it clear how a user can buy and apply discounts coupons
  • Use a countdown timer to create curiosity and flare urgency
  • Ensure that the landing page is mobile-optimized

These tips will help you create a well-converting and actionable landing page for holiday season sales.

  • Offer Freebies 

Offering something free is something that engages and attracts more customers. The shoppers use different freebies and discounts to make a profitable deal during the Christmas season.

You can give gift cards, free products, or free shipping to your customers. If you are budget-conscious, just do the deal by offering valuable offers to the customers. For example, you can set a “buy 3, get 1 free” offer. It will help promote impulse buys as well. 

The months that lead up to special times of year are a superb opportunity to propose things to go with the items and administrations that your clients are as of now buying from your image.

A client perhaps purchased a beautiful set of hoops last year, so suggest the client a matching neckband for this holiday season, or if you are a stylist, suggest a salon-quality hair conditioner and cleanser set. An extraordinary approach to improving your existing customers and increasing your business is strategic pitching.

  • Ensure to have clear return policies

Customers are concerned more about returning the package than buying. Customers like to have a clear overview of the company’s return policy. You can change or change your return and shipping policy during the festive season like Christmas and offer 60 days return policy instead of 30 and offer free shipping.

Whatever changes you make, make it visible on the website’s checkout page or the landing page. As per a report, customers are more likely to buy if they get something free.

  • Offer Gift Certificates

Maybe you are an automotive repair shop, hairdresser, or web developer, but how can you create gift combos in these industries? You can do so by launching a free hairstyle with a manicure, or free hair oil with a haircut, free website designing with hosting, etc.

Well, don’t overcomplicate things but don’t discount the power of offering an online option for purchase. Make a visually appealing sign for your cash register if you have a brick-and-mortar business. You can offer a discount or other incentive to the customers. 

  • Offer free shipping 

It doesn’t matter whether it is a shampoo bottle or kitchen cutlery. Customers seek free shipping options, especially in the festive season. For doing so, adjust the cost of posting in the product cost itself.

If especially you are running an e-commerce store, you are competing with giants like Amazon, who offer more variable and free shipping. If you aren’t willing to waive shipping costs, consider is your product something that isn’t found anywhere despite enormous demand? Customers don’t enjoy waiting. Thus, churn out a solution to deliver the product in minimum time, offer COD or waive off shipping costs to attract customers. 

Analyse your competitors before making the decision.

  • Use a countdown for the last delivery date to generate urgency

Placing a countdown meter on your landing or offer page can generate curiosity and urgency for the product. By creating a sense of urgency, you can make people buy instantly rather than procrastinating until the last date. You can link the product price and offer validity directly on the product’s landing page.

  • Place Stocking Fillers 

Most of the holiday or Christmas sales are about buying gifts for loved ones. Instead of the traditional shopping route, people prefer buying online. Businesses can use this opportunity and combine it with a “stocking filler” approach.

For this, you can strategically place low-cost products in the area where the customers dwell the most on the website.Don’t forget “post-Christmas gifts” 

There is a blurry line between Christmas and post-Christmas days. While the people are back to work, you can still boost sales. 

People enjoy the most with family and pass their time shopping. As a result, you can run a “Santa didn’t get me what I wanted” sale and offer hefty discounts on your favourite products. Track down your most profitable campaigns and leverage channels to cross-sell other products as well. 

It is a great way to wipe off old stock and re-stock new products.

So, these are 12 Christmas marketing ideas that can help boost your profits this year. Which of these are you going to try this Christmas? Comment.

Description: How to boost profits in this festive season? Here are 12 tips to boost your profits this Christmas.