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7 Important Tips Every UPSC And IAS Should Include In Preparation Strategy!


Nov 23, 2021

We are very well aware that the UPSC IAS exam is one of the most prestigious examinations in India. Millions of people every year appear for UPSC examination from all parts of the country. Though so many people appear for the exam, only a tiny percentage can make up for it and fulfill their dream of becoming an IAS officer

Because of the highly complicated nature and extensive curriculum program, civil services are one of the most challenging examinations. 

Preparing for any examination needs proper strategic planning, says the best UPSC coaching in Nagpur. But when it comes to the civil services examination, this process and approach become crucial. It is vital if you want to ace the exam and achieve your goal.

So here we list some helpful and necessary tips that will help you ace the examination.


7 Important Tips Every UPSC And IAS Aspirant Should Include In Preparation Strategy!

So here goes the list of tips that are important to include in the IAS preparation strategy.

Know Your Syllabus First: 

The best UPSC coaching in Nagpur says that before you appear for any exam, the first thing you need to look at is the exam’s curriculum. Reading the syllabus and knowing what topics you need to study is the first step to conquering the exam.

Do this because you will get to know what you can read and what you can leave. Since the exam is entirely syllabus-based, you need to keep a check on the syllabus. 

Therefore the foremost step for any fresher is to go through the syllabus and understand the IAS exam pattern. The UPSC has given a detailed syllabus and information regarding preliminary and main exams of civil services examinations. 

Have A Habit Of Reading The Newspaper Daily:

To become an IAS officer, you should be well informed regarding current affairs. So having a habit of reading the newspaper every day is crucial and mandatory for CSE. Current affairs are active topics which can be covered by reading the newspaper only. Toppers advise to keep up with current topics to ace CSE. Any UPSC coaching will advise you to do this. 

Also, keep checking the government website for UPSC updates. 

Check Out Previous Year’s Newspapers:

Checking out previous year’s question papers will help you understand the nature of questions asked in the CSE. Solving the questions and self-assessing will help you realize what topics you are good at and what topics you need to work on more. 

Going through the papers will also help to understand the level of preparation. 

The Saver NCERT Books:

Be it any exam, entrance exam, or high-level exam, NCERT has always aimed to deliver high-level quality content to Indian students. 

Though a variety of study material is available for UPSC preparation, to begin with, it is recommended to study NCERT in UPSC coaching strategy. NCERT books help understand concepts in simple words. It is better to study NCERT books from seventh grade only. Since NCERT will only not get you ahead with UPSC, it is recommended that you finish reading books from 7th to 12th standard. Or it is better to get done with these books in the initial three months of preparation. 

Keep A Habit Of Preparing Well- Structured Notes:

Preparing proper notes while preparing and studying is an art. And though everyone can’t be an artist, you still need to be smart enough to make well-structured notes. Try making authentic notes after considering authentic sources of information or visiting the best UPSC coaching in Nagpur.

These notes will help you prepare for your exam as it won’t be possible for you to reread the entire syllabus. Though there are many government jobs one can appear for, this one is the most challenging and most arduous. 

Appear For Test Series:

The practice of appearing for test series is essential in the final last three months of preparation. Mock tests will benefit you in two ways. Firstly you will get a good idea of the pattern of questions asked, and secondly, by appearing for so many tests, you will eventually increase your pace of solving the questions at a much faster rate. 

All the toppers over the years suggest that mock tests are a great way and an integral part of IAS preparation since they help you improve your pace, help you evaluate yourself against competitors, and add up to your confidence. 

The best UPSC coaching in Nagpur conducts mock tests, which are beneficial for your preparation. 

Keep Revising:

The faculties of the best UPSC coaching in Nagpur say that revision is the king of all preparations. It is impossible to remember the minute details of every topic studied. So a revision every weekend is essential to remember things for a more extended period. 

Remember, just mugging up things and being a bookworm is not the key to ace civil services examinations. Combining these two clubbed with common sense, strategic planning, and religious studying is the mantra to achieving your dream of becoming an IAS officer.