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The 9 Most Common Myths about Dental Health to Be Debunked!


Nov 22, 2021

Having a healthy smile is everyone’s dream. But a dream of a healthy smile depends upon proper dental care. And proper dental health care begins with the debunking of myths. People around the world have a lot of things to say about dental health. You must have heard people saying different things when it comes to dental health. 

We have constantly been hearing things about teeth for ages that are myths. The best dentist in Nagpur suggests that to get good dental health, one must start debunking these myths first. 

Though there are a lot of myths, let me list you down seven of the most common myths that we have heard in past ages. 

The 9 Most Common Myths about Dental Health to Be Debunked!

  • Myth 1: There Is No Need To Visit A Dentist If You Don’t Have Any Oral Health Issues.

Prevention is better than cure” as the saying goes, it means it’s better to go for an exam or check-up to spot trouble before it arises. Any health problem should never be ignored, especially if that concerns your oral health. Problems that are left untreated and unnoticed for long take the form of huge problems when we start the treatment later. 

Best Dentist in Nagpur recommends a regular dental check-up every six months or annually for both kids and adults to maintain decent oral hygiene. So it is not at all a bad idea to go for check-ups even if you don’t notice any problem with your dental health. 


  • Myth 2: Cavities Result from Due To Intake Of Sugar:

We have been hearing since childhood that sugar causes cavities. That’s the reason why most of the time, children get scolded for consuming too many chocolates. Though we don’t deny this, the sugar only contributes to some level of cavities. 

If the best dentist in Nagpur is to be believed, the main reason for cavities is bacteria. It’s the bacteria that thrive on sugar. Any sticky food attracts bacteria that thrive on it and around the teeth. The bacteria in our mouth release some acidic compound that results in tooth decay. So it is advisable to rinse our mouth every time we consume something to avoid the plaque build-up in our mouth. 


  • Myth 3: Bleeding Gums Are No Concern, They Are Normal:

If you notice blood during brushing and flossing, trust me, it is not normal. Gums bleed due to inflammation caused due to plaque build-up. Bleeding gums are the beginning of gingivitis, gum diseases. So it is not normal, and you must visit a dental clinic if you happen to experience bleeding gums. 


  • Myth 4: For Better Cleaning Brush Harder:

If you are one of those who believe that brushing harder will clean your teeth better, then my friend, you are wrong. Brushing hard is no productive thing. Instead, it damages the tooth enamel as they cause trauma to the teeth and result in gum recession. 

The best dentist in Nagpur says the best way to brush teeth is to brush gently for 2 minutes twice a day to maintain optimum oral hygiene. 


  • Myth 5: Flossing Is Not Important:

Flossing removes up to 80% of plaque in the mouth. Therefore it is an integral part of maintaining oral hygiene as per the best dentists. Maximum people don’t believe in the practice of flossing. But flossing helps in removing plaques that result in tooth decay. Hence it is better to include flossing in your daily routine of maintaining dental health. 


  • Myth 6: Chewing Gums Are Equivalent To Brushing:

No doubt chewing gums promote better teeth and help remove bad breathe, but it is not true that chewing gums is equivalent to brushing. Nothing can replace brushing. Best Dental clinics recommend chewing gums that are sugar-free instead of candy but still brushing is the primary key to good teeth. 


  • Myth 7: White Teeth Means Healthy Teeth:

It’s a complete myth that having whiter teeth means having healthy teeth. Teeth begin to lose their color and enamel, and texture over time. Too much whitening of teeth may have underlying causes that can be unknown. So if you notice to lose the texture of your teeth, then consult the best dentist. 


  • Myth 8: Losing Enamel Causes Sensitivity:

Sensitivity in the tooth can have many reasons. Loss of enamel is not the sole reason for sensitivity though it can be one of the reasons. Some abrasive toothpaste can also cause sensitivity. Discuss this with the best dentist in Nagpur if you experience sensitivity. 


  • Myth 9: Gum Disease Only Affects The Mouth:

We as laymen may be foolish enough to think that gum diseases are a concern of the mouth only, but many studies have shown that the bacteria present in gum diseases can affect other body parts.

The best dentist in Nagpur says Gum diseases can lead to heart diseases, diabetes, and other forms of cancer. 


Debunk these myths ad schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Nagpur before you land up into some complicated dental issues. It is always better to know your issues first than solve them after things go out of hand. This article is an eye-opener so that you don’t believe in such myths and take a proper step towards maintaining good oral health.